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Community power forces WA Labor to honour deal

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17 March 2019

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter, says the Mitchell Freeway extension to Romeo Road will start construction next year, after WA Labor finally agreed to honour their promise to fund 50% of the extension.

“Thank you to everyone who signed my petition calling on WA Labor to stick to the original deal and fund their half of this critical project,” Mr Porter said.

“It is our community’s perseverance that will see this project become a reality, getting each person who uses the Freeway home faster and safer.”

Mr Porter launched a campaign to get the Mitchell Freeway extended to Romeo Road in 2017 after the Federal Liberal Government-funded extension to Hester Avenue was opened.

“The Federal Liberal Government secured $108 million for the extension of the Freeway to Romeo Road, which led WA Labor to promise to provide the other half of the funding in April last year.

“They then broke that promise and now after 12 months of community pressure they are making the promise again – the extension could have been built by now if they had kept their promise in the first place.

 “This type of game playing is shameless – the only people WA Labor are hurting are those people stuck in traffic trying to get home to their families, and WA Labor isn’t fooling anyone.”

Mr Porter said the next step was to get WA Labor to reverse their decision to scrap the widening of the Mitchell Freeway southbound between Hepburn Avenue and Hodges Drive.

“They cut $74 million from widening projects, including at one of the Freeway’s worst bottlenecks, meaning people will spend more time in traffic every morning just trying to get to work.

“If WA Labor really cared about people in our northern suburbs they wouldn’t be celebrating, they would be working hard to get that funding restored.”

Labor's Mitchell Freeway Backflip

29 January 2019

In April of last year, the Federal Liberal Government and WA Labor reached a deal to jointly fund the Mitchell Freeway extension to Romeo Road on a 50-50 funding basis.

However, not two weeks after this agreement was made, WA Labor appeared to be backflipping out of the deal. This is despite the Federal Liberal Government allocating $107.5 million for the extension in the 2018-19 Federal Budget.

You can help hold WA Labor to account so that we can make this critical project a reality. Sign the petition here.

Local MPs unite to Fund Our Freeway

Christian, Ian & Mayor Tracey Roberts recently hosted Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher on a visit to Hester Avenue.

Christian, Ian & Mayor Tracey Roberts recently hosted Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher on a visit to Hester Avenue.

22 March 2018

Federal Member for Pearce, Christian Porter and Federal Member for Moore, Ian Goodenough today launched “Fund Our Freeway” - a campaign where the northern suburbs community can get behind vital infrastructure projects such as the extension of the Mitchell Freeway to Romeo Road and its widening southbound from Hodges Drive.

Community support is essential to making these projects a reality and Mr Porter and Mr Goodenough are urging their constituents to sign the online petition to Fund Our Freeway.

The proposed upgrades would see the Mitchell Freeway extended north to Romeo Road and widened southbound between Hodges Drive and Hepburn Avenue, then again between Reid Highway and Erindale Road.

Earlier this month Mr Porter and Mr Goodenough invited Urban Infrastructure and Cities Minister Paul Fletcher to their electorates to highlight how important funding for these projects is to the community and so he could experience first hand the congestion on the Mitchell Freeway during peak hour.

“This is something that effects an enormous amount of people in both mine and Christian’s electorate on a daily basis,” Mr Goodenough said.

“If we can show the tremendous support for this project across both electorates we are confident that the Government will support the project.”

Mr Porter said that the McGowan State Labor Government can’t be relied upon to support and fund the ever growing infrastructure needs of our northern suburbs.

“It was incredibly disappointing to see $74 million for the widening of the Freeway southbound scrapped in the last WA State Budget,” Mr Porter said.

“The community support for these vital pieces of infrastructure is overwhelming and it is clear there is a real need for the widening of the Mitchell Freeway and its extension to Romeo Road.

“As our northern suburbs continue to grow, these infrastructure projects are essential to ease congestion - they are all about making our lives easier and getting us home to our families even faster.”

To show your support for extending and widening the Mitchell Freeway, click here

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